Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pepsi’s I’m Good

I saw the above Pepsi Max spot during last night’s Laker game against the Jazz and must admit I fell out of my chair because of laughing so hard. The ad is more of a slapstick comedy routine versus true promotion of a product. Several guys from the commercial would have severe brain damage if the ad was “real.” I should probably feel bad for finding humor in grown men hurting themselves and then quickly proclaiming, “I’m good.” But doesn’t our culture condone watching people hurt themselves for our amusement? I mean that why the ad above is so funny, right?

The ad agency is once again TBWA Chiat/Day, I seem to be discussing ads for clients they work on a lot the past few weeks. The spot apparently appeared during this years’ Superbowl but I don’t remember seeing it at all. The ad barely shows the product until the last two seconds of the commercial. Pepsi must think that they will be in the forefront of the consumer’s mind simply by being funny. Never mind that they won’t recall what product was being advertised.

As stated earlier, I seem to be discussing Chiat/Day’s work quite a bit the past few weeks. And I know that there is some great advertising out there with agencies that deserve some recognition. So if you have some campaigns or ads that you would like me to discuss please let me know.


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Steve Ballmer said...

I like this one too!

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