Monday, February 23, 2009


The video above is a marketing video to promote the sport of Gymkhana to become larger in the U.S. Gymkhana is the real live version of the movie "Tokyo Drift." The above viral Web-video was apparently watched over 29 million times via various sources.

The video was produced for rally racer Ken Block, DC Shoes and Subaru. The agency the produced the above Web-video is called Mad Media. My question is, will this video actually result in more events taking place in major U.S. cities, higher ticket sales, and major event sponsoring companies?

I realize that viral marketing is one of the best methods to promote your product or service but how will it be measured? How will they determine the success of this viral campaign, is it simply by how many times the video is viewed? I hope that we will see an increase in Gymkhana motorsport events. I would certainly go see it.

Now the video is included in Inside That Ad as well.


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