Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweet Acceptance Via Target

Here is a heart-warming montage put together by Target and Deutsch LA where they string together clips of college applicants' reactions to the news they’ve been accepted into various colleges they applied to.  It’s a simple concept, illustrated on the faces of these kids. As the copy states, “Every kid deserves this moment.” I can honestly say there isn’t anything quite like the feeling you get when you learn that you have been accepted into the school of your choice.

Target has been known for its donations to k-12 educational causes so the colligate angle works well for the “Big Red Machine.” As a side note, Target has already committed to doubling its 500 million donation to educational endeavors.

In conclusion, I’ve applied to a PhD program several times with no success therefore the spot really grabbed my attention.

The credit for this ad goes to:

Client: Target
Agency: Deutsch LA


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