Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adidas Reaching the Ladies

About three days ago, one of the readers of my blog alerted me to a new campaign by Adidas known as “Jersey Swap.” The campaign was designed to encourage women to show support for rugby in New Zealand. Adidas would like women to actively show their support for the 14 rugby teams. They could even have their two favorite players swap jerseys. You can get to the site by clicking here.

Now here is where the sexual innuendos come in to play. After the players swap jerseys they don’t even put them on they simply drape them over one shoulder. Adidas even places a button on the site that makes the players take off the jerseys in slow motion. Yea, like the audience isn’t going to figure out what their intentions were with that move. But hey if it increases female viewer ship, good for you Adidas.

The agency that created the campaign for Adidas is TBWA\Whybin, New Zealand. I am wondering what sort of account planning techniques they used to determine sex sells with this campaign? I am not saying they were wrong, I’m just wondering how they came to the conclusion? The campaign is very creative and seems to be well executed.

By the way I have finally mentioned a new agency. Yay for me!

The reader that alerted me of the campaign also maintains a blog at Sweet Pea.


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annie pea said...

Hey thanks for the mention. We have been joking around the office when the next version will come out and when we can start voting for who swaps jersey's. Of course the boys want it to become viral and get the women's volley ball to do it. Ha i think there maybe some privacy issues here ;-)

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