Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Absolut Bus Stops

When I first saw this elaborate setup of a Chicago bus stop that was transformed into a small part of the Absolut universe I was amazed at the attention to detail it encompassed. Then I thought to myself, this would do well as a portfolio piece but not in real life situations. Chicago weather gets so cold and wet during the winter season that the Absolut bus stops would be ruined right after the first rain or snowfall.

The other question that came to mind is whether or not people would appreciate having something so eye-catching to sit on while waiting on their bus. It might make people feel awkward to sit at a bus stop like the ones pictured above. Therefore, this marketing attempt may result in an unwanted backlash towards the vodka brand. You should also know that the only thing already in place when the shelters were created was the ceiling. The seats, plants, and obviously the colors are all original.

From an advertising creative point of view the bus stops are works of art that people should and will admire. The ultimate question is will these creative attempts sell more Absolut vodka? Also, each one of the bus stops is named after an Absolut flavor. The ones shown above are: Absolut “Lemon Drop,” Twist” and “Bloody."

The agency behind this work is TBWA Chiat\Day, New York

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