Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KFC Has A Job For You

Image via Adfreak
If you are pretty, female, outgoing, need a job, and don’t mind the phrase “Double Down” written across your derriere, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has a job opportunity for you. The campaign’s objective is to tempt college guys into trying the company’s new bun-less sandwich. The job does require a uniform; really it’s just sweatpats sporting the phrase “Double Down” and the KFC logo.

Ladies, the gig pays $500, which may help you forget about your feminist sensibilities for a little while
anyway. You can apply for the position to become a human billboard or what the company calls “Brand Ambassadors” by leaving them a message on their Facebook Fan page. If the campaign reaches your campus you’ll know that your application was accepted.

I believe the campaign idea was developed within the KFC Marketing Department. I only say that because in their press release, KFC pats themselves on the back for not going the traditional route of park benches, skywriting or on-blimp advertising. I guess KFC has done the whole skywriting thing one too many times.

Anyway, what do you guys and ladies think? Should college women “Double Down” or not? By the way, in my opinion, KFC should charge for the sandwiches the ambassadors are handing out. Why charge for the sandwiches? Guys will buy one just for the opportunity to talk to a hot girl. Hey, for some of the guys that actually eat those types of sandwiches it's the only chance they'll get.


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