Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Art of Shaving

Gillette has posted a set of instructional videos for it customers. In one particular video they give the “men” instructions on how to safely shave the male region. The ad uses phrases like when you have no bush it makes your tree look bigger. I don’t think this video will go over well in this part of the world because guys usually view the shaving of that region as something they won’t share with the rest of the planet.

Some cultures believe that men must keep their manhood region trim for cleanliness reasons. Also, I think guys in the porn industry tend to shave their region but please don’t quote me on that. But I can’t think of any other reasons why guys would want to voluntarily shave that area of their body. So do you guys have any opinions as to why Gillette will create this type of marketing effort?

This marketing effort by Gillette reminds of the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda campaign in that Gillette shaving products can me used in many areas. Arm and Hammer was used for baking, refrigeration, and even as a toothpaste. Gillette is showing guys they can also shave other areas to keep themselves clean.

But it was weird to see an instructional video on shaving your manhood area. You can see the other instructional videos by Gillette here.


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India's Ujjwal said...

1. It's indeed an area of concern for many (most) males.[;-)] They are always in search of better, easy and safe ways of getting rid of hair down under.
2. Using this campaign Gillette has tried to touch that one weak part of male, and have managed to really established credibility from among the youth.

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