Monday, May 4, 2009

Arby's Sweet Cherry Pie

I wanted to discuss the T.V. spot above for Arby’s bacon cheddar roast burger in comparison to the Mercedes Benz post I wrote about earlier. Simply put the spot above is funny, it makes sense, and it’s memorable. In this spot it is easy to make the connection between the greasy burger and the missing four digits of the phone number. In the Mercedes spot what’s the connection between the monsters and the car itself? There may have been a connection I just couldn’t see it.

Arby’s made the connection between the beautiful girl (Tori Praver) and the guy on the bench trying to get her number. The spot was well executed because it was memorable because of the sexy model, it was funny because the commercial is saying a greasy burger could cost you a pretty girl’s number, and Ayby’s got their message across that if you buy our sandwiches you won’t have to deal with grease all over your hands.

Merkley & Partners, the agency that created this spot for Arby’s used all the right tricks to make this particular commercial absolutely awesome. They used sex appeal and humor in just the right balance to make the perfect ad. I honestly believe this is the kind of stuff that shows up during the Super Bowl. They were right on the money with this spot and I think it worked to perfection.

Again with the Mercedes spot you couldn’t make the connection between the product, message and the commercial’s storyline. The Mercedes spot was just plain bad, in my opinion.



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