Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Can For You

How in the world can anyone tell that this spot is advertising an airline, JetBlue. They are promoting the fact that they give customers the option of keeping the whole can of soda (Yes, it’s their only selling point in this spot). Never mind the problems the airline had with holding customers hostage for over 11 hours on the tarmac and the angry flight attendant (Steven Slater) who cussed out a passenger and deployed the evacuation slide to quit his job. No, not JetBlue they want to focus on giving out full cans of soda to their customer.

I honestly wanna know, did they really conduct a focus group and customers told them, the one thing we really, really want is to be offered full cans of soda during their flights? What was their ad agency, Mullen thinking when they created a spot focused on giving out full cans of soda?

The spot doesn’t even take place on a plane or anywhere remotely related to a plane or the airline. If you watched the spot they give out soda in a hot dog stand (obviously this represents their competitors), but I’m just saying.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Could you guys tell the commercial was for JetBlue until the very end?


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