Saturday, September 25, 2010

Purdue Paper Angers Readers

A few days ago, I read an article in the Huffington Post that on a cartoon that was published in the Purdue University student paper known as The Exponent. The cartoon depicted a couple having sex doggy-style, while the man sneaks away he allows his friend to join in on the act without the woman’s knowledge according to the Jezebel article. The Purdue community was enraged and rightly so, we all should know, sex without consent is rape. I didn't put an image of the cartoon with this post because I don't want that sort of thing on my blog but you can see the cartoon via the Jezebel article.

Here is the big issue I want you the reader to ponder, is marketing and today’s media partially to blame for the fact that the creators of the cartoon thought people would think this is funny? Are we as a culture that has to take some blame for these youngsters error in judgment?

I only ask because one of the biggest commandments in marketing is the idea that sex sells. I think it’s one of the first things that marketers learn.

Let me know what you all think in the comments below.


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